Monday, August 20, 2007

Cakehenge returns

Construction of the Henge

In its day, the construction of Cakehenge was an impressive engineering feat, requiring commitment, time and vast amounts of sugar, chocolate and butter . In the beginning, Cakehenge was nothing more than a large cakework; two halves filled with a chocolate ganache. It is believed that the cake was made of fancy french butter and lots of really good dark chocolate. The underlying cake was soon covered with green butter cream frosting. It was then covered with monolithic cookie henges and inhabited by the marzipan druids who performed unmentionable rituals of birthday celebration. What follows is a pictorial documentary of the making of Cakehenge.

Seriously, though, Tom contacted us and challenged us to make a cake similar to one Tristan had seen on another blog for her birthday. (See the inspiration here:Cakehenge 1.0)

So here goes our version in celebration of Tristan's birthday.

The inhabitants are created.

The mound upon which the henge is to lay is baked.

The earth is covered with a lucious green buttercream sod.

Henge materials are created and carefully laid out in preparation for their construction.

Henge construction begins based on carefully researched photos.

Before construction is complete the druids are allowed to inspect our handy work.

With construction completed, the henge is covered for transportation and finally unveiled to the birthday girl.

Thank-you Max's dad for the inspiration and Happy Birthday Tristan!!!!