Saturday, February 16, 2008

Roughing it

We saw this stunning contraption at the KPFA Craft Fair in December. In case you don't believe your eyes, yes, it is a stack of bamboo steamers perched on concrete blocks, over a pan of water, over about a half dozen sternos. Seriously, did the Fire Department know about this?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sea Ranch '07

Sea Ranch, part . . . uh . . . I've lost count
In Which Alex Learns to Rock

Next year, he'll be doing this. Just like his dad.

There was the usual laying-in of stores. The pile of bread was particularly impressive this year:

We brought our tiny little tree, with lights but no ornaments, and decorated it with shells. Alicia made a special guest appearance as knitting instructor and helped decorate the tree.

There was lots of strolling on the beach and taking of photos:

On Christmas morning, we opened stocking stuffers with Tom and Tristan.

The bear dressed in a lobster suit was a big hit.

Tom got silly putty, with which he amused himself greatly.

Also, some shnazzy tequila with its own carrying strap!

No girls allowed!

Mattie got to wear all of the ribbons

Tristan got not one, but two kinds of Nutella!

Mattie's brain is always working, even when it looks like she's asleep.

Freezer tape! Just what she always wanted!

The collected loot:

T went mushroom hunting with Mattie one morning and found this sign. Yikes!

A dog and her duck

Cathy and Alex in the cold and dark

The Sea Ranch sheep were pastured near the house where we were staying. Mattie was fascinated!

Tristan, Theresa and I drove to Point Arena one morning to look for Al, the Laysen albatross.

And we found him! He just looked like a seagull bobbing in the waves until this surfer paddled up alongside him.

See you next year, Sea Ranch