Monday, October 01, 2007

Lake Tahoe

August brought a weekend trip to Tahoe to celebrate Tristan's birthday.

We started with a hike down to the lake.

Some of us found it relaxing. Others found a signal for the blackberry.

Poor Mattie has lost touch with her outback roots, and acted like she was going to expire on the 1.5 mile gentle, downhill walk. She kept running from shady spot to shady spot and lying down.

So when we got the water, we made sure to get her good and wet for the trip back uphill.

Point of view:

The next day we went kayaking.

I missed some basics. Like the fact that the kayak is supposed to be in the water.

Once we got out there, it was windy but fun.

Here I am with Mattie by the little stream behind the cabin where we stayed.

In Truckee on our last morning:

We found a store that specialized in homemade dog treats. Softies that we are, Mattie was not disappointed.

Little bitty squirrel, great big lake.